70 crianças e jovens 365 dias por ano
Unfortunately, education in Kibera is not a priority for the government or the families. Education is expensive and they simply can’t afford it. We want our kids to have access to a quality education system, and with your help we support their path from basic education to university. We cover expenses with tuitions and fees, school supplies, uniforms, field trips, accommodation, transportation, and food.
Extracurricular activities
To ensure the children we support get a chance at success, besides funding their education we also take them in at our Support Center in Kibera during their free time, school holidays, and vacations. We provide them with individual school support, and extra-curricular activities like ballet classes, karate, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, and computer classes.
We also host many special moments: the Science Academy, where kids learn chemistry through experiments; the Arts Club, where they express themselves through painting, scrapbooking, reading, and cinema; the Hour of the Planet where we teach about recycling, preserving nature, and cleaning the environment; or the Debate Group where they learn about and discuss questions fundamental for their lives as members of society. We also make sure to celebrate the birthdays of all our kids with a party at the end of each month for all who had their special day during that month.
The meals are guaranteed and financed by FKWL. We ensure every kid has 3 meals a day during the class period (2 at school and 1 at the Center) and all meals at the Center during the holiday periods.
We ensure basic hygiene and health care. We also keep a regular monitoring of families with HIV and AIDS and we keep track of all recommended vaccination through partnerships with hospitals and private clinics in Nairobi. Each child also has a medical record at the Center that is updated regularly, and where all the important data is listed (allergies, special needs, congenital, contagious diseases, weight, height, blood pressure, asthma, etc.).
Clothing and footwear
We provide our kids with clothing and footwear, ensuring that they are always covered, especially with boots and raincoats for the rainy season. Additionally, we ensure the equipment required for the practice of extra activities or sports: swimming suit, cap, and slippers; ballet clothes and pointe shoes; kimonos; tennis equipment; and training suit for soccer.
Family Support
We provide psychological support and we help families with financial management, cultural and religious problems, and in the improvement of the hygienic-sanitary conditions they live in, doing some improvements in their homes or simply offering them new beds and purified water filters, among other things.
Our microcredit program was designed for the mothers of our kids. They are the pillars of their families. We give them all the tools they need to become independent and self-sustaining. We keep working with them during the entire microcredit process, from the decision on the business (producing peanut butter, for example), to the loan of the necessary money and all the support after they start the business.
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