By becoming a volunteer, a sponsor, or a partner, you can help this project grow and reach more kids.
Our sponsorship program allows anyone, groups, schools or companies to sponsor one of our children. This financial sponsorship is used to pay education, food, health, household income, and extracurricular activities.
We have a house in Kibera to ensure that our children have a safe place to do their homework, have meals, and where they can go to during the holidays to keep learning and playing in the different activities we hold.
This house needs constant maintenance, improvements, and supplies. These donations - both material and financial - help us keep the house and create new experiences for our children.
Volunteer in Kenya
In Kibera, we have a house ready to receive volunteers. Most volunteers stay for an average of one month and their role in the center depends a little on the project needs, the time of year and their training.
In the normal period of classes, it includes administrative work, preparing classes and activities, helping children with their homework, organizing donations, recreational activities and playing, among many others. During the holiday period, as the children are at the Center every day, the volunteers are responsible for developing activities, giving classes, or simply playing with them.
Volunteer abroad
We have a network of volunteers spread over many cities who help us by publicizing the association, giving lectures in schools, fundraising and donations, and selling the handicrafts made the community we support. We are always in need of more helpful hands, especially in Portugal where our network is most present.
Last but not least, we have partners, sponsors and other sporadic donors who have become fundamental to our growth.
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